• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland


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            Poland can satisfy the needs of the tourist who wants to spend a long holiday as well as the traveler who is looking for an interesting place to spend one or more weekends. One can enjoy the country in every season. Whenever you come, you are bound to find something new.


    The Castles call to mind the stormy history of Poland. The most important ones are the Wawel Royal Castle in Cracow and the Royal Castle in Warsaw, destroyed during World War II and rebuilt afterwards. The old quarters of Warsaw, Cracow, Gdańsk, Lublin, Poznań and Wrocław have witnessed centuries of history.



            Poland is one of these rare countries that offer a great variety of landscapes. The southern part of Poland is surrounded by the Sudetic and Tatra Mountain ranges, perfect for walking all year round, and for winter sports during the season. Trekking and excursions are possible in all seasons and are especially recommended in summer and autumn, when the country is in full bloom. In winter you can go skiing, for example to Szczyrk and Zakopane, tourist resorts famous for their mountain folklore. 


           Moving from the mountains to the north, one will find large plains and there, nests of storks in spring, small rural villages and forests, with the most famous one the National Park in Białowieża, close to the eastern border, which with its unique charm is home to the European bison. All in all there are 23 National Parks in Poland, covering over 314 thousand ha, or 1 % of the country's surface area. Horse riding and hunting addicts will discover numerous opportunities in Poland to follow their favorite hobby.


              Further north there are lakes, among them the Mazurian Lake District, also known as "the country of the thousand lakes", a series of lakes stretching for more than 750 km. It is possible to sail through its rivers and a network of canals for days. This is a paradise for these who enjoy water sports and fishing, thanks to the clear waters of the lakes, the green landscape and its wilderness. Moreover in winter, as the temperature often drops to well below 0° C, the frozen lakes are often suitable for ice-sailing.


            Finally, the northern frontier - the Baltic coastline. A very long strip of golden sand, beaches and dunes, Rozewie promontory, Hel peninsula, the Gulf of Gdansk and Wolin Island are just some of the countless views which will fascinate any tourist traveling along the coast. Furthermore, in this region you can enjoy the saline thermal baths and the healing mud-baths, particularly in the town of Kołobrzeg, all year round.

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